Get organized. Stay organized.

Every Blinksale invoice and estimate tracks its own history, reminders, comments, payments and more. And your Dashboard gives you a clear view of all your documents.

Keep up with your money.

The Dashboard shows groups and orders your documents by urgency in one clear view: Past Due, Drafts, Open, and Closed. So you’ll always know what’s happening.

Everything in One Place

Each Blinksale invoice tracks its own history, showing activity, payments, and more. Clients can even post messages directly to an invoice, and you get a notification. Everyone wins.

Send Reminders

Invoice payment running late? Send your clients a customized reminder. Blinksale will log the date it was sent on the invoice. Never wonder “Did I send that email?” ever again.

Easy Invoice Numbering

Say goodbye to manually created invoice documents that set you up for duplicate invoice numbers. Blinksale automatically advances to the next number — either per client or for all clients. Your choice.

Look like the professional you are.

Put your best foot forward. From your emailed invoice to the payment page and receipt, Blinksale gives your clients the professional treatment with a quality invoicing experience.

Invoice anywhere

Blinksale works with any web browser, adapting to fit whatever screen you’re using in the most effective way. Anywhere life takes you — whether your desk, on a plane, or on the couch — Blinksale has you covered. All you need is an internet connection.

Online invoices for clients

Each Blinksale invoice gives your client a link to an online version where they can pay, comment, forward, or download it. And, since we know that finding stuff in email is hard, and printing and filing stuff is even harder, the client’s page also gives them access to all their past invoices. Pretty great, right?

Estimates and invoicing made simple.

Before kicking off work with a client, it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page. Our estimates allow you to collaborate on specifics like pricing and timeline so things run smoothly.

Rock-solid approvals

Estimates are all about the back and forth. Keep track of your conversation in one easy place. When your client is ready, they can approve the estimate. It’s your record that everything is okay and ready to go!

Convert to invoice

Once an estimate is approved, just one click and it’s turned it into an invoice — which you’re free to fine-tune or send right away.

Get paid faster.

Simply connect your Stripe credentials to your Blinksale account and let your clients instantly pay from the invoice. There is nothing your client needs to sign up for!

Fast and easy payments when you send an invoice with Stripe payment turned on, a “Pay Now” button is embedded in the emailed invoice. It also appears on the client’s online invoice. Getting paid couldn’t be easier or faster.

Get customized.

Make Blinksale uniquely yours with a broad range of customizations. From powerful preferences to libraries of reusable content, we give you the tools to tweak and refine your invoicing workflow.

Powerful preferences

Default settings make invoice creation easy. Blinksale comes with plenty of smart presets that make it easy to get going quickly. Once you’re settled, dive into your account preferences to shape your own invoicing experience.

Looking to dig deeper? Each client also has preferences that override account settings for a truly hand-crafted experience.

Saved line items

Ever get tired of filling out the exact same line items over and over again? Blinksale lets you create, save, and load line items from your own line item library into any invoice (or estimate). Quantity, unit, description, and price all stay intact and can be edited after loading for extra fine-tuning.

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